Alaska State Register of Big Trees

Under the auspices of the American Forests Big Tree Program, and in coordination with the National Register of Big Trees

Old Growth Water Color by Rhonda Johnson

Old Growth Water Color by Rhonda Johnson

The List…

Is for those who want to know what each tree species is capable of in their Alaskan environments

Is a listing, by species, of trees native to Alaska, with height, girth and crown spread measurements that exceed all others, in accordance with the American Forests Online Measuring Guidelines Handbook

Is derived from the measurement of trees anywhere trees grow naturally in Alaska

Can be updated by using the Nomination Form; to be filled out and submitted to Don Bertolette, Alaska’s Big Tree Coordinator, 907-868-2922


The Alaska Big Tree List has prior listings going back to the 1950s. These old list species’ data will remain, in ghosted font, until new nominations are submitted, in honor of their once exalted status. New verified nominations will be considered in each year’s candidate pool, and new champions will be listed each March.

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